The classical ART college is an online vocational training course in painting art. It offers curricula – theory connected to practical exercises – focused on three core values of visual art:

Academic knowledge: including composition theory; shape theory; the effect of colour and tonal values; anatomical knowledge; the mastery of plasticity and perspective; knowledge of art history.
Academic knowledge – like all knowledge – can be learned.

Ability and skills: craftmanship, including knowledge of materials and their various applications in methods and techniques.
Craftsmanship also requires knowhow and is further developed in a (guided) practice process.

Artistic expression: the art of drama from subtle to poignant, from fantastic to spiritual, from liberating to frightening, from humorous to sublime. And also of originality in perception and interpretation. Of the application of spirit, intuition, sensitivity and emotion.
Artistic ability comes from the inner world, but can develop in dialogue, in a process of criticism and stimulation.

 The classical ART college works closely with the Classical Art Center, the International League of Fine Art Schools and the Classical Salon