The classical ART college offers a number of courses of 25 lessons, supplemented with 5 reflections. It is divided into 5 study blocks of 5 lessons + 1 reflection. These courses can be taken separately or in combinations of your choice. There are a course ‘composition and ordinance‘; a course ‘shape and anatomy’; a course ‘plasticity and perspective‘ and a course ‘art history‘ (the latter is split into 2 consecutive courses: 40.000 BC-1400 / 1400-present).

Each course combines theoretical knowledge with practical development, linked to artistic questions (in art history only the latter).
Therefore, each course consists of two components: a theoretical explanation and practical exercises, including an assignment linked to theory. Each time after this last assignment has been sent and discussed, the next lesson can be opened.
The practical exercises follow a series of lessons in drawing and/or painting, with attention to composition, shape, values, color, materials, techniques and expression. Each course deals with a different technical aspect of drawing and/or painting. Art history is global and stimulates out of the box thinking.
After every 5 lessons follows an online reflection.
At the end of each course the participant is coached with the compilation of a personal portfolio. If the final result is satisfactory, a certificate will be sent by post.

Working method
You can buy a course by clicking on ‘courses’. After payment you can open your own account which gives you access to the site (‘my account’).
With username and password you can open the first lesson of that course.
Each lesson is linked to a practical assignment and an exercise with practice assignment.
The exercises are uploaded by you as a photo. The practical assignment related to the theory is preferably weekly, within 4 days, but if necessary you can also choose for longer periods of time.
After the response to the practical assignment with the comments, possible corrections and or instructions, the next lesson can be opened.
In the practice assignments the same structure can be followed (weekly interaction), but consultations are also possible by appointment (e.g. during the reflections). In any case, they are not linked to the progress of the lessons.
After every 5 lessons you will receive an invitation for a reflection.
Reflections can take place by mail or online in a videoconference (in consultation).

Free periods
In the course of the academic year, 4 free fortnightly work periods have been inserted, in which the participant incorporates the subject matter under his own steam. These free work periods coincide with the school vacations in the Netherlands. In the summer this free period lasts 8 weeks during which an International Summerschool, linked to a conference, is offered.

The main advantage of online education is flexibility.
Online education is individual.
It can be accessed every day of the year.
The pace of study is one lesson per week, but can also be determined in consultation, or can be temporarily interrupted where circumstances demand it (e.g. in case of illness).
You can also compose your own learning program by following multiple courses next to each other or one after the other at your own discretion and preference.
The guidance is one to one and can be adjusted based on the individual demand.
And the place of residence is of no importance in online education.

The courses are intended as refresher or continuing education for already established artists, or those who want to follow vocational training or otherwise have professional ambitions. After all, the program is too heavy for those who are looking for pleasure without obligation.
In order to test whether participation is meaningful, we ask you to mail images of your own work in advance to
In case of over-subscription, placement on a waiting list may follow.


In 2020 the classical ART college is in the starting phase, here we offer the courses at a discount:
when registering before 31 December 2020 20% discount;

 Costs per course 2020-21 (25 lessons + 5 reflections) in Euros per year:
when registering before 31 December 2020: € 425; after 1 January 2021: € 535;

Costs of the Pre-academic 2020-21 (2 courses simultaneously, or consecutively) are in Euros per year:
when registering before 31 December 2020: € 775; after 1 January 2021: € 965;

 Costs of the Part-academic 2020-21 (3 courses simultaneously, or consecutively) are in Euros per year:
when registering before 31 december 2020: € 1095; na 1 januari 2021: € 1370;

Costs of the Full-Academic 2020-21 (4 courses at the same time, or consecutively) are in Euros per year:
when registering before 31 December 2020: € 1375; after 1 January 2021: € 1720;

 Costs of the Summerschool 2021 are € 900; including the conference € 1150.
Conference only € 350

Tuition fees to be paid in advance, payment schedule on request.

By all means, see the General Terms and Conditions..