The classical ART college is an online triple-A vocational training in painting art.
The 3 A’s are:

  • Academic knowledge: including the rules of composition and form theory; the effect of color and tonal values; anatomical knowledge; the mastery of spatiality and perspective theory; awareness of art history. Academic knowledge – like all knowledge – can be learned.
  • Ability and skills: the development of professional craftsmanship, including knowledge of materials and corresponding the various applications and methods in drawing and painting techniques. Craftsmanship is based on practical knowhow and will be developed in a (guided) practice process.
  • Artistic expression: the use of spirit, intuition, sensitivity, poetry and emotion in various forms of expression. And also of personal identity in perception and interpretation. Artistic expression comes from the personal inner world, but can develop in dialogue, in a process of both critique and stimulation.

The courses are focused on the coherence of theory, practice and progressive insight.

 The classical ART college works closely with the Classical Art Center www.classicalartcentre.com, the International League of Fine Art Schools www.ilfas.org and the Classical Salon www.klassieke-salon.nl.