The classical ART college offers a number of online courses of 25 lessons, supplemented by 5 reflections.
Each course is divided into 5 study blocks of 5 lessons + 1 reflection.
These courses can be taken separately or in combinations of your choice.
There is a course on ‘composition and expression‘; a course on ‘the anatomical shape’; a course on ‘the suggestion of space’ and a course on art history ‘the world of of art’ (arthistory is split into 2 consecutive courses of 25 lessons each: 40,000 BC-1400 / 1400-present).

Each course offers two programmes at the same time: one with a focus on knowledge, the other with an emphasis on skills.
It combines professional knowledge with technical expertise and this is linked to artistic questions.
Each lesson is provided with practical exercises, first of all an assignment linked to the theory. In addition, practical exercises in drawing and/or painting, with attention to composition, form, tone, colour, materials, techniques and expression. Each course deals with different aspects.
Art history is global and stimulates out of the box thinking.
Each study block of 5 lessons is completed with an online reflection with special attention to the individual development process.
At the end of each course the participant is coached with the composition of a personal portfolio. If the final result of the course is satisfactory, a certificate will be sent by post.
In the practical course, the lessons are taught by a number of Artists in Residence from different countries. This will be registered separately, as well as for the accompanying conference.

Working method
As an introduction, a free lesson is offered per course. The accompanying assignment also serves to test whether and to what extent the teaching offer matches the candidate’s possibilities.
If this proves to be the case, you can register. After payment, you will open your own account that gives you access to the site (‘my account’).
With username and password you can open the first lesson of that course.
Assignments are attached to each lesson. You upload the completed assignments as a photo. Preferably on a weekly basis, but if necessary you can also choose for longer periods of time.
After receiving the feedback on the practical assignments, with any corrections and/or instructions, the next lesson can be opened. In principle, this feedback will be given within 3 days, but in the event of force majeure within one week at the latest.
After every 5 lessons you will receive an invitation for a reflection.
Reflections can take place by e-mail or online in a video conference, in some cases also physically in a studio (all in consultation).
Each course is concluded with a certificate. After at least three certificates, the continuation of the course is discussed, attuned to the personal possibilities and ambitions of the participant.

Free periods
In the course of the academic year, four fortnightly periods of free work have been included, in which the participant incorporates the subject matter under his or her own steam. These free work periods coincide with the school holidays in the Netherlands. In the summer this free period lasts 8 weeks.
In one of these free periods, the practical and conference period takes place.

The main advantage of online education is flexibility.
– Online education is not classroom-based but individual.
– It is not tied to years of study, you can start every day of the year.
– The pace of study can be determined in consultation, or can be temporarily interrupted where circumstances demand it (e.g. in case of illness).
– You can put together your own learning programme by following several courses next to each other or one after the other, as you see fit and prefer.
– The supervision is one-to-one and can be adjusted on the basis of the individual demand.
– And the place of residence is of no importance in online education.

The courses are intended as refresher or further training for already established artists, or those who wish to follow vocational training or otherwise have professional ambitions. This is because the programme is too demanding for those who are looking for non-binding fun.
In order to test whether participation is worthwhile, we ask that the assignment for the free trial lesson be made in advance.
Over-subscription may result in placement on a waiting list.


Cost per course (25 lessons + 5 reflections) in Euros: € 425;

Costs of the Pre-academic (2 courses simultaneously, or consecutively) are in Euros: € 775;

Costs of the Part-academic (3 courses simultaneously, or consecutively) are in Euros: € 1095;

Costs of the Full-Academic (4 courses at the same time, or consecutively) are in Euros: € 1370;

Tuition fees to be paid in advance.

By all means, see the General Terms and Conditions..